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Give your online marketing campaign the jolt it needs with DirectCPV's pay per view advertising solution. Starting at just $0.015 for URL, keyword and category campaigns and $0.004 for run of network advertising, DirectCPV offers the best value for your advertisement dollar. With a minimum deposit of only $100, DirectCPV is sure to fit any marketing budget. Discover the power of CPV advertising now with DirectCPV.

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Try something different with DirectCPV, the leading online CPV and PPV advertising network that delivers the highest converting results and increases ROI for all advertisers. Extend your reach by targeting relevant keywords, URLS, locations and channels to ignite your income and generate higher conversions. We guarantee performance.

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The success rate of my CPV advertising is great! I really appreciate what DirectCPV has done with my ad campaign. The account managers are really helpful with my targeting selections.

The traffic quality seems to be very good too. I've gotten more conversions from your traffic than any other traffic network I have been with.

Have a good day,


On 17th, September 2009


Hello DirectCPV,

I am very happy about the quality of your traffic. I was using PPC ads before, but now I am REALLY happy that I've switched to PPV advertising.

My traffic has increased by 10-15% and it's paying for itself! My leads have DOUBLED in the past month. I am loving DirectCPV so far and i'm excited that it works for me!


On 28th, October 2009


Why Choose DirectCPV as your
Advertising Solution?

Dramatically Increase ROI

Take control of your advertisements to increase your ROI. Specific targeting means your ads are seen by the right people. Target keywords, URLs, or geographical locations.

Extend Your Reach

We have compiled the largest live domain database in the world to help advertisers target those hard to find domains. Our publisher base has millions of opt in users ensuring that advertisers will get plenty of quality visitors.

Economical Pricing

Try our advanced Self serve bidding platform that is open 24/7. Bids begin at an extremely affordable $0.004 USD.

Real-time Statistics

We offer real-time statistics and reports for campaign monitoring. Advertisers can place conversion tracking pixels and tracking variable strings so they are always aware of which campaigns are converting to their maximum potential.

Marketing Tools

Several marketing tools and software products have been developed to help advertisers find the right targets for their ad campaigns. We are continuously researching and developing to stay ahead of the game. You can find our newest products inside the Toolbox.