Targeted Contextual Cost Pay Per View CPV PPV Advertising


Affiliates can make money with DirectCPV’s affiliate programs. Our advertisements open in a new browser window and affiliates get paid every time these ads are viewed. To learn more about what we offer, keep reading below.


PPV Full Page Interstitial Ads


Make more money with views

Affiliates don't have to worry about users clicking on ads, get paid every time an ad is viewed not just every time an ad is clicked.

Who can apply?

Those that own desktop software applications that serve pop-up, pop-under or interstitial ads.

How Much do Affiliates get paid?

Affiliates earn a 60% revshare on all views that they have generated.

Start Earning Now!

If you would like to become an affiliate in our network, please fill out the application form.

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Click here to signup now!


Why Advertise With CPV?

  • High Quality  Application Traffic High Quality Application Traffic
  • Excellent Targeting System Excellent Targeting System
  • High Conversion Rates High Conversion Rates
  • Low Prices starting at $0.004 CPV Low Prices starting at $0.004 CPV